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We`re paying daily bonuses for users who buy, swap, or hold Zeta with Blockchain.com. The more you trade, the bigger your bonus.

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Buy or swap into Zeta within your Blockchain.com Account

Receive a daily Zeta bonus every day you buy or swap to, Zeta. The bigger your buy or swap, the bigger your bonus.


Hold Zeta in your Blockchain.com Wallet

Receive a daily Zeta bonus every day you hold Zeta. The more Zeta you custody with us, the bigger your bonus.

Your Zeta Bonus will be paid into your Blockchain.com Account. Your Zeta Bonus will be based on how much Zeta you buy, swap or hold compared to the total amount of Zeta bought, swapped or held by everyone on our platform that day.

Imagine the total Zeta flowing through the Blockchain.com on any day as a big pie. Your `share` is like your slice of that pie. The bigger your slice, the more Zeta Bonus you get. So, the proportion of Zeta you have in relation to the whole platform determines how much you earn in daily rewards.

Why choose ZetaChain?


Daily Bonus

Holding Zeta with Blockchain.com means daily earnings. Your Zeta assets work for you by generating rewards that add up over time.


Easy and Secure

Blockchain.com ensures a seamless and secure experience. Hold Zeta in your Blockchain.com Account effortlessly, with the confidence that your assets are protected.


Grow Your Crypto

Simplifying yield farming for everyone. Whether you`re a seasoned crypto enthusiast or a newcomer, our user-friendly interface makes it easy to participate in the future of decentralized finance.


Ready to grow your crypto? Start now.

Unlock the potential of ZetaChain. Hold Zeta with Blockchain.com, grow your crypto.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to be a pioneer in ZetaChain. Be among the first.

Seize the Moment, Plant Your Zeta Seeds

Buy Zeta in the Blockchain.com App. Get a daily Zeta Bonus, based on the amount of Zeta you buy.

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Connect with fellow ZetaChain enthusiasts, share your experiences, and stay updated on the latest developments. Join our community on social media and be part of the conversation.

Learn more about ZetaChain

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ZetaChain’s YouTube Channel

Dive deeper into the world of ZetaChain by subscribing to their YouTube channel. Join for exclusive insights, updates, and engaging content that unveils the exciting journey of ZetaChain.

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