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Bespoke solutions for crypto institutions




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Principal Trading Partner

Since 2017, Institutional Markets has been the leading strategic capital partner to the largest trading, investment, and mining companies in the crypto space. Best in class pricing and bespoke solutions are made possible by a large balance sheet and market expertise.

Bespoke Capital Solutions

Structured Products

Long history in crypto with deep industry relationships generate unique opportunities for clients.

OTC Spot & Options

We quote spot markets and options contracts for every major digital asset by pooling liquidity internally and across 20+ venues around the world.

Lending Desk

Billions in originations, rapidly growing to meet client needs. Delivered some of the largest lending facilities in the market.

Institutional Investors
Bailie Gifford
Moore Capital Management
Access Industries
Kyle Bass


Founded in 2011, has built one of the leading brands in the crypto industry by offering secure, reliable services to customers in over 200 countries. Both the Consumer and Institutional businesses are highly profitable with $1T+ transacted and ⅓ of all BTC transactions through our retail platform since inception. Whether you want to trade, earn, custody, or access full-stack institutional solutions, is a market leader in retail and institutional crypto products. Venture backed since 2014, is valued at $14B.