Feb 26, 2024


Case Study: OpenCrypto and Pay

OpenCrypto integrates with Pay, enhancing fiat-to-crypto services for B2B markets.

Specializing in the B2B market, OpenCrypto provides innovative solutions for fiat on/off ramps, bridging the gap between local currencies and cryptocurrencies. Their recent integration with Pay reflects a strategic move to further optimize their platform and enhance user offerings.

Furthermore,'s millions of already verified customers are leveraged to eliminate the need for Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures on the platform, which significantly improves conversion rates. 

Background and Integration Objective:

Operating predominantly in the B2B sector, OpenCrypto prioritized integration efficiency as a pivotal element in its operations. 

Our rapid integration timelines resonated with OpenCrypto from the outset. Jim Wang,'s Head of Product, expressed enthusiasm, stating, "
We were thrilled to deliver a swift integration process in under 2 weeks, ensuring OpenCrypto could provide its users with a faster and more streamlined on/off ramp experience." 

This shared commitment to efficiency and the prompt execution of the integration underscore the success of the partnership in achieving its integration objectives. Pay Key Features:

Given the business-centric nature of OpenCrypto's operations, the imperative need for a secure platform was non-negotiable. 

Kenneth Leung, CEO at OpenCrypto, acknowledges this, stating, "Understanding the significance of safeguarding sensitive business transactions, Pay offers robust security features that align seamlessly with OpenCrypto's requirements." 

The key features of Pay, including multi-layered security measures, resonate with OpenCrypto's commitment to providing a secure environment for its business users.

Integration Process:

The end-to-end integration process between OpenCrypto and Pay took place in just under two weeks. 

Jim Wang, Head of Product at, says, "OpenCrypto's proactive approach and clear communication throughout the integration process were key contributors to its success." 

This rapid integration not only highlights the proficiency of the teams but also signifies a mutual dedication to providing swift and effective solutions. 

Results and Benefits:

The focus on security remains integral to the partnership, ensuring that OpenCrypto's clientele can engage in cryptocurrency transactions with confidence and trust. 

Kenneth Leung CEO at OpenCrypto, "The integration with Pay has allowed us to enhance our platform's efficiency and deliver a superior experience to our users. We are thrilled with the results and look forward to continued collaboration with"

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Feb 26, 2024


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